Loan Devices

If your child is required to learn from home or a period of time, we are able to provide a loan Microsoft Surface device for your child to use whilst they are at home.

Please contact us to request a deviceWhen we have completed your request we will then send you a consent form shortly after using our usual Groupcall messaging system, where you will be signing to say that you agree with our terms and conditions. If you as a family are unable to collect the device from school you can nominate someone else to collect the device on your behalf. We will be asking anyone who collects the device to sign for it before taking it home.  

The school devices are covered by the Trust’s insurance policy for accidental damage, but any claim has an excess of £250. You will need to pay £250 in the event of accidental damage or the full cost of the device if the damage is not accidental. Photos will be taken before a device is issued and on its return. Please see below for the full terms and conditions that you will be agreeing to when you sign for a device. 

We hope that you will find this service helpful. 

TCAT Terms and conditions for a loan Microsoft Surface device 

When you sign for the loan of a device you will be asked to sign agreeing to the following: 

I agree to take full responsibility for the loan equipment listed in the table below, which is issued to myself by Cornerstone Academy Trust. The equipment is for the sole use of my child who will use it only for the purpose of accessing the school work and the lessons delivered by school. I will return the equipment as soon as I am requested to do so in the same condition that it was issued to me. The photos below the table at the bottom of this page shows the condition of the device. 

I am aware that the device is monitored for key strokes and inappropriate content and the device will be used under the supervision of an adult overseeing my child whilst using it. I am also aware that the responsibility for ensuring the online safety of my child and to set parental controls on my home broadband. In addition to the Cornerstone acceptable use policy, I will: 

    • Not allow software to be installed on the device unless with the prior agreement of the Academy Trust.  
    • Ensure that any online activity does not bring Cornerstone Academy into disrepute. 
    • Not allow my child to walk around the house carrying the device. 
    • Keep it in the slip case provided when not in use. 
    • Ensure that the device is used in a safe way, ideally at a table. 

 The device is covered by the school insurance for accidental damage and I agree that: 

    1. I will pay £250 in the event of an accident or theft that takes place whilst the device is signed out to my care. 
    2. I will pay the full replacement cost for any damaged accessories including the keyboard (approx. £100) charger (approx. £80) and slip case. 
    3. If the damage is not accidental, I will be responsible for the cost of the replacement of the device - £480 (Surface Go) or £800 (Surface Pro). 
    4. I am able to pay the sums of money in points 1 - 3, should I be required to.