• Remote Learning with The Cornerstone Academy Trust

    A digital strategy that supports families to access a rich education from home.
  • Virtual Classrooms

    Using Microsoft Education tools to facilitate remote teaching and learning

Education from Home

At The Cornerstone Academy Trust our aim is to ensure that children are always able to access and engage in a meaningful education should they be required to self-isolate, stay at home or in the event of school closure. We understand that focused learning whilst at home can be a challenge and you may be accessing these online learning tools for the first time, our help guides and video tutorials are available to help you and your children to navigate the learning tools successfully.

Children will be able to engage in their school work through the Trust's e-learning environment from home. They will have the opportunity to access lessons virtually through Microsoft Teams video calls and work assigned in Teams, with the activities and resources being accessed through the class OneNote. The resources in OneNote will link to the online activities through programmes such as Purple Mash, Accelerated Maths and Literacy Planet, to name a few.



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