Accessibility Tools and Help in Office 365

Office 365 has a number of features built in for all platforms that can really support learning at home. Watch the videos below to see how Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and the Edge browser can all read text to your child, as well as change the size and spacing of the any text. You can also follow along with the reader, change colours and syllable spacing to help.
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Make your writing easier to understand

Learning Tools can read text out loud, split words into syllables, and identify parts of speech. The focus mode and adjustable spacing between lines, letters, and words can help to maintain concentration. Available for OneNote, Word, and Outlook on various devices.

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Improve your writing

See any misspellings, grammatical mistakes, and writing style issues as you type in Word and Outlook for PCs. Get suggestions for phonetic misspellings, see synonyms alongside suggestions, and have suggestions read out loud to avoid common word choice errors.

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Type with your voice

Convert your speech to text with Dictate iwithin Word, PowerPoint and Outlook for PCs. Also available with the Dictate add-in for Word, Outlook and PowerPoint for PCs which supports dictation in 20+ languages and real-time translation to 60+ languages.

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Go paperless with Office Lens

Office Lens helps you transform text on a printed page into searchable and editable digital content. It includes the ability to have captured content exported to Office applications, and on iOS devices—read aloud with Immersive Reader.

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Helping Pupils Read a New Way!

Supporting Reading in Office365

Check Spelling, Grammar and Clarity


Office Lens