At school, we use a range of strategies to ensure we are teaching children good habits and safe behaviours when going online, as well as providing a range of contexts and experiences for them to practice and embed these habits. These will often include:

  • Modelling of safe behaviours through Office 365, Teams, Yammer, Skype, use of the internet, and other online tools;
  • Drip feed of key messages through all curriculum subjects, such as how to search safely through a search engine, or how to collaborate in a document;
  • Sequential and progressive planning for direct teaching of Online Safety throughout the school, using CEOP's 'Think You Know' material and the South West Grid For Learning's online safety scheme;
  • Specific whole school focus on annual and national events, such as anti-bullying week; and Safer Internet day.


Find out more about:

Getting into a good routine at home

What you can do at home to work safely

How you can make your devices, consoles and tablets at home safer to use

How you can choose games, apps and movies more carefully 


The resources used In school

Think You Know (The CEOP Approach) - And quick links straight to: Lee and Kim | PlayLikeShare | Jigsaw

CEOP (The education arm of the Police service)

South West Grid For Learning - SWGfL are national Leaders in supporting schools though events, resources and planning.