Making the most of Britannica

Welcome to the Britannica helpguide for parents, please browse our step-by-step guide below or download the PDF version here.

Encyclopaedia Britannica now offers an online facility for schools. As a trust, we use Britannica as a way of bringing reading into the classroom in a purposeful way that supplements curriculum information. Teachers will often link to Britannica articles from the class’ OneNote notebook. On the other hand, children can simply browse Britannica for their own enjoyment on topics that they are interested in.

Accessing Britannica

To log on to the Britannica resource for schools visit this link: Britannica School

Once on the site, your child can login with the general username: cornerstone, password: devon1.

As the site does not store children’s activities or work then there is no need for an individual account. However, if your child is likely to be an avid user of the site, there is an option to set up an account for them, which is outlined later in this guide. 

Once logged in, you will be able to select from three levels of reading ability before logging in. This level is not fixed and can be altered after login. Our suggestion would generally be that primary pupils use either the foundation or intermediate options at login. Please note that if your child is following a link to a specific article, given by their teacher then the link will take them to the level of article that the teacher deems appropriate.

Searching for articles

If your child has an area of interest that they would like to search for, they can enter it at the top of the page.

 The results of the search will then be available. Your child can then select the type of media and the reading level of article that they need.

 Adjusting the reading level

If your child requires a simpler layout and writing style, or they would like to read a more in-depth article, this can be modified.

Foundation View

 Intermediate View

 Advanced view

 Other features

The homepage for the site also has a range of additional features. This includes:

  • Word of the day
  • World News
  • Quiz challenges
  • Compare countries