Accessit is the new software the libraries at Cornerstone are using. Its use should be fairly straight-forward although we are experiencing some teething problems, so if you do have any issues please do contact us.

Logging on:

When you go to the Accessit web app, you should see this screen:

The children should be able to click on Login via SSO and put in their usual school logins and they will be able to log in.

Searching for a book:

Once your child has logged on, they should now be able to see their dashboard. This will be different depending on what school your child attends.

In the top right hand corner will be your child’s name (as opposed to Broadclyst in this screenshot).

Scrolling down, your child will be able to interact with some of the content on their dashboard such as videos and the link to Flipgrid Bookworms.

If they like the look of a book that is on the dashboard (such as The Train to Impossible Places, above), then they can simply click on the book and it will take them to its page, which will tell them more about it including a summary and its Accelerated Reader number.

Your child can then add it to their list of books they want to read, write a review of it, and/or reserve it so that it will be waiting for them the next time they come in to the library.

If looking for a particular book, author, genre, or topic, they can then search it using the search bar and it will come up with all the books we have in their school library.

Alternatively, if your child wanted to search for books with a specific Accelerated Reader level, then they can click on ‘search’ at the top, and then ‘advanced search’. They can then see a grey sidebar which includes various filters including Accelerated Reader.

They can type in the book level they want and click ‘search’ to produce a list of all the books in their school with that specific Accelerated Reader level.  

Your child can also browse books by topic or subject using the ‘visual search’ function at the top of the web page. This will be a lovely feature once it has finished being updated by library staff and will have lots of relevant topics for exploration.