We use Library software called Accessit.

To log in:

Follow the link to: Cornerstone Academy Trust Library Accessit Online

Logging in

When you go to the Accessit web app, you should see this screen:

You can browse as a guest or use the blue Single Sign On button to sign in.  

If you have any difficulties with this please email our librarians, giving your child’s name, year and school.

Checking your loans

Once signed in you can check which books your child has out by clicking on your child’s name on the top right of the screen and then My Borrowing Details.

My Borrowing Details will show which books your child has out and any reserves placed.

Children are usually allowed 3 books at a time, though in the current situation we can allow more. Please email our librarians to discuss any specific requests.#

The children should be able to click on Login via SSO and put in their usual school logins and they will be able to log in.

Searching for books

You can search for a book, author, or subject by typing in the large search box.

The number below each title tells you how many copies are available (green) or out (red). Please remember that returned books spend 3 days in quarantine so sometimes a book may appear to be in the library but may not be immediately available for borrowing.

This View shows each book as a button. You can also see the books as a list by clicking on the different options in View at the top of the side bar on the left side of the screen.

This view shows the orange Accelerated Reader icon. By hovering over this you will be able to see the AR book level details.

You can search for books in your Accelerated Reader ZPD range by clicking on Advanced Search (next to Home) and choosing Accelerated Reader

You can search for a range of book levels by using .. for example entering 2.4..3.4 will find all books from book levels 2.4 to 3.4

The ticks in coloured boxes represent the different sites. You can reserve a book from a different school if you like but it will take longer to arrive. Restrict your choice to your own school by unticking the other schools and only leaving your own school ticked. Monkerton children are currently sharing the Westclyst books so please choose from these.

Broadclyst    Monkerton   Westclyst    Yeo Valley

Overdue emails

The library software sends out automated emails home letting you know about any Overdue loans. We have suspended these at the moment due to the schools being closed.

Reserving a book

Once you have chosen the book you would like, then drag it to the Reserves button. You will need to be logged in to reserve a book.

If you reserve a book, a member of the library staff or TA will let you know when it is ready to be collected. Please do not come to school until you have heard that the book is ready, even if the software tells you that the book is ready for pickup. You can bring any returns or overdue books with you when you collect a reserve.