Literacy Planet

Literacy Planet is an online support tool designed to challenge children’s skills in the English Language, from phonics to spelling or from reading to writing. This guide will provide a short overview of the student view and what each tab offers.

Journey, Collections and Shop

After logging into Literacy Planet your view should look like this:

This is the ‘Journey’ screen. The square boxes signify new challenges on your child’s quest. Some might have the word ‘assigned’ above them and these are directly set by the class teacher. Otherwise, these challenges are designed to teach and test your child’s literacy knowledge. The activities will appear in a variety of formats to assess spelling, reading, phonics and speaking skills.

As they complete tasks in the journey, your children will earn points which ultimately result in chests being unlocked. These chests are found in the ‘Collection’ tab at the top and can be opened to reveal bonuses and rewards. Sometimes your child will earn coins and these can be spent to customise their alien avatar in the ‘Shop’.

If your child is ever unsuccessful in an activity, this activity will be recycled for them in 3 to 7 days and test them again. This process of repetition should help cement new literacy skills.


The ‘Library’ tab at the top of the home screen links your child to a collection of e-books designed by the Literacy Planet team. These books are short and accessible. They are designed to be paired alongside a growing phonetical knowledge. A Level a book should be the most accessible and Leve e+ the most challenging.

Word Morph

The ‘Word Morph’ tab is an interactive game in which your child is expected to remove and add individual letters from the options available to create words. They have 60 seconds to do the best they can!